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  • Suppliers always have problems with untimely delivery orproducts mismatch and Procurement and supply chain departments are consideredas the crucial role to deal with the trouble. Besides, especially on holidays and festivals, the problem of delivery is more obvious because it is difficult to ensure convenient contact between suppliers and each department. It also results in high pressure of inventory directly.

    In addition, some enterprises which have changeable customer’s needs, high mix low volume order, short life cycle products and fast updated technology have to deal with the problem with frequent change of production plan and inaccurate material plan. Procurement and supply chain departments as the internal the end of supply chain is generally in the dock. The situation of emergent delivery happens occasionally and the cost of logistics stays at a high level owing to the frequent fast mode of transportation.

    How to conduct information fast during the holidays and festivals thereby ensuring the delivery? ASSA will invite senior professionals in procurement and supply chain area to share their experience with us.

  • - How to communicate with suppliers in the earlystage to ensure the delivery during the holidays and festivals?

    - What methods can be used to prevent unpunctualdelivery?

    - How to hasten delivery when supplier cannotdeliver on time?

    - Achieving the coordination of delivery andinventory.