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  • Through reducing purchasing cost a company can reduce their overhead and boost profits. A study agrees that the contribution of 1% procurement cost reduction is more than 10% profit growth. Over 60% time of procurement professional has been spent on the negotiation. Therefore, procurement negotiation strategy, tactics and skills are extremely essential for companies in procurement cost control process.

    Based on case study, this training will help you break the deadlocks and avoid traps of negotiation, and prepares you to confidently enter negotiations and understand the other person’s point of view, skillfully control the situation and effectively orchestrate win-win outcomes.

  • - More interactive sessionsand case discussion with the guidance and comment of trainer

    - Small class to ensure participants’ engagement

    - Help you know Information Collection and Negotiation Position Analysis

    - Explain how to get rid of the negotiation stalemate from the cases trainer experienced

    - Practical skill and tactics of price negotiation