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  • ASSA (Asia Strategic Sourcing Alliance) – A Noppen Company
    Room 6005, Building 8, No.3601 Dongfang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai 200125 China
    Tel: 86 21 6085 1008
    Fax: 86 21 6192 1908
    Asia Strategic Sourcing Alliance (ASSA) is a membership network serving major corporations and procurement, sourcing and supply chain executives in Asia. We provide independent procurement intelligence, professional development and peer to peer networking and associations via our exclusive executive events, dynamic educational solutions and award winning online information resource.

    We are dedicated to support our members to meet executive challenges at both regional and global level such as:
    Ÿ--- Achieving sustainable savings through supplier base and category strategy optimization
    -Ÿ-- Delivering supplier generated innovation to attack the next frontier of spending
    --- Overcome internal prejudices and resistances to achieve real strategic transformation
    --- Building stakeholder alignment and efficient processes within the organization
    --- Retaining a world class procurement team in Asia
    --- Deploying effective supply risk mitigation strategy moving forward


    --- Public Events
    Branded Annual Conference
    The branded annual conference is Asia’s leading procurement gathering to receive the latest insights and information among the group of top industry executives.
    Executive Roundtables / D-Clubs
    One-day / half-day events organized in relaxed atmosphere to enable effective peer to peer connections and exchange of ideas.
    Executive Briefings
    Half-day / one-day events for procurement as well as general management and related functions, aims to build stakeholder alignment and efficient processes within the organization.
    Workshops / Seminars
    One day / two-day educational events covers the most critical aspects of procurement management, help equip your team with modern skill sets required to achieve procurement excellence.
    Teleconferences / Webinars
    A portfolio of online events that allows you to access the latest industry intelligence, insights, trends and best practices efficiently at your office when your tight schedule may not permit to attend onsite.

    --- Reports and Insights
    Website Access to ASSA Event History
    Exclusive member-only access to post events reviews and perpetual document records of various online and live events at ASSA official website.
    Weekly Newsletter
    ASSA Weekly Newsletter provides the latest global procurement news headlines, sector specific briefings, updates on our live and online events in one easy-to-digest email.
    We regularly partner with market-leading consultancy and technology organizations to produce bespoke research bringing you the best insight on key topics.
    Strategic Sourcing Blogs
    With contributions from our experienced analysts and thought leaders across the sourcing and supply chain, we bring in-depth authoritative insight into the key issues affecting procurement through our intelligence network.
    Benchmark Reports
    Who’s leading the best practice? What are the sustainable practices to solve present and future problems? ASSA Benchmark reports will offer in-depth researches to quantitatively measure procurement performance, linking functional capabilities with results.

    --- In-House Training and Coaching Program
    We help enterprises gain competitive advantage through our competency-based professional training/coaching programs tailor-made for all professionals i.e. from senior executives, middle level management and to junior employees.
    For senior management, we provide customized assessment tool and framework, support smart short-term and longer-term decision making in developing procurement and category strategies, managing supply risk and complexity, and achieving functional and total supply chain excellence.
    For middle to junior employees, we provide highly practical training and coaching to help improve the critical skills and capabilities in functional management and execution.



    We connect our members with 30 procurement events in various formats annually as well as enable value driven collaboration and best practice exchange with thousands of procurement professionals through our extensive network.

    We deliver first line reports, thought leader opinions, best practice guides and benchmark reports that help our members to react fast and effectively to the ever changing circumstances.

    We position Procurement as a crucial component driving organizational success and shareholder value, and inspire our members to reshape direction and focus of supply with strategic intelligence and critical thinking.
  • Benefits of ASSA Premium Membership

    As the most influential procurement membership network in Asia, we offer unparalleled networking and exchange opportunities than you’ll ever find.

    --- Stay connected with 500 senior procurement representatives from top multinational organizations across different industries
    --- Keep abreast of the current challenges, intelligent insights and best practices to react fast and effectively to the everchanging circumstances in Asia
    --- Optimize procurement and category strategies, manage supply risk and complexity and achieve functional and total supply chain excellence through our strategic intelligence
    --- Retain a world class procurement team in Asia via our award winning information resource, events and training solutions

    WE CONNECT --- Value driven collaboration and best practice exchange with thousands of procurement professionals in your network
    --- Exclusive events access
    --- Connecting with members through our online community
    --- Member webinars / teleconferences
    --- Connecting with peers working on the same activities
    --- Exchange ‘real world’ insights with the sharpest minds of the industry

    WE SHARE --- Keep updated with the critical information to deliver greater savings faster, reduce risks and transform functional performance
    --- Emerging supplier market updates
    --- Commodity watch
    --- Legal, tax, and customs updates
    --- Strategy news and insights
    --- Recommended readings

    WE INSPIRE --- Support your critical thinking and defend your strategy with data and evidence
    --- Strategy research and guides
    --- Benchmark reports
    --- Best practices study
    --- Procurement intentions

    We work diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our members come first. We view our members as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.

    We will strive to uphold and advance our standards of excellence and continue to earn the respect of our members as a provider of in-depth insights and intelligence for procurement professionals to stay at top in the fast-growing and ever-changing industry.

  • “ Positive feelings, helpful for strategy revisions! ”
    - Oerlikon

    “ The event is a perfect platform for exchanging ideas and learning the latest market trends .”
    - Siemens

    “ It is an interesting occasion for understanding where we are today and to discuss where we want to travel in the future.”

    - Roper Industries

    “ Good topics and mix of industries, nice networking resources.”
    - DSM