Public Events

ASSA public events will showcase and highlight the most critical issues facing Procurement in the coming decade including cost and cash optimization, risk and resilience, corporate social responsibility, innovation, value chain engineering, etc. Our events support members in innovation, leadership and strategy development. Our members would benefit by accommodating this intelligence into their own unique context and decision making to realize competitive advantage.

Branded Annual Conference

The branded annual conference is Asia’s leading procurement gathering to receive the latest insights and information among the group of top industry executives.

Executive Roundtables/D-Clubs

One-day/half-day events organized in relaxed atmosphere to enable effective peer to peer connections and exchange of ideas.

Executive Briefings

Half-day/one-day events for procurement as well as general management and related functions, aims to build stakeholder alignment and efficient processes within the organization.


One day/two-day educational events covers the most critical aspects of procurement management, help equip your team with modern skill sets required to achieve procurement excellence.


A portfolio of online events that allows you to access the latest industry intelligence, insights, trends and best practices efficiently at your office when your tight schedule may not permit to attend onsite.


As Asia’s most influential membership based learning & networking community for strategic sourcing and procurement professionals, we have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world.
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Advisory Board

Our advisory board are highly respected procurement executives and industry expects, selected to provide our clients with in-depth experience across different industries.
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