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  • [Expand] 2nd Strategic Sourcing Executive Roundtable
    2nd Strategic Sourcing Executive Roundtable18th June, 2013 [Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel], Shanghai, ChinaSHANGHAI IN CHINA, 18th June 2013 - In an era of ever-increasing costs of raw material, production and labor, mitigating new supply chain risks moving forward without impacting the consumer is on top of procurement’s agenda. Meanwhile, the role of procurement has moved beyond simply delivering cost reductions to being a more integral part of how an organization delivers value to its customers and shareholders.Aimed to provide a perfect platform for senior procurement professionals to address the major challenges as well as to share the best practices, Asia Strategic Sourcing Alliance (ASSA) hosted the 2nd Strategic Sourcing Executive Roundtable on June 18th, 2013 in Shanghai, China. Attende......
  • [Expand] 2nd Procurement Excellence Seminar on Removing the Roadblocks Sourcing with High Mix Low Volume Characteristics
  • [Expand] 6th Annual Strategic Global Sourcing Summit
    6th Annual Strategic Global Sourcing Summit9th - 10th May 2013 [Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao]Shanghai, ChinaSHANGHAI IN CHINA, 9th-10th May 2013 - In this increasing volatile economy, global sourcing organizations operating in Asia find it difficult to meet the annual cost reduction goals for its customers without sacrificing acceptable returns to its investors. Meanwhile, the role of Asia in global procurement landscape is evolving from a traditionally operationally minded continent to a strategically minded continent, growing with it is the strategic power of Asia procurement leaders.Aimed to provide a perfect platform for senior procurement professionals to address the major challenges as well as to share the best strategies and practices, Asia Strategic Sourcing Alliance ( ASSA) hosted the 6t......
  • [Expand] 2nd Procurement Excellence Training on Price and Cost Analysis for Procurement
  • [Expand] 3rd Procurement Excellence Training on Ethics in Procurement and Supply Management - Risks and Approaches
  • [Expand] Teleconference Discussion on Ethics in Procurement and Supply Management – Risks and Approaches
  • [Expand] Supply Market Intelligence Series on China Go West Sourcing - Supplier Development in Western China
  • [Expand] Procurement Leaders Roundtable 2014 - Redrafting Global Talent Strategies by Asia Regional Requirements
  • [Expand] 7th Annual Strategic Sourcing Summit on Transcending from Procurement Leader to Business Strategy Partner
  • [Expand] Reforming Procurement KPIs as A Part of Procurement Transformation
  • [Expand] Optimizing Your Core Supply Base to Ensure Reliable Supply Continuity in An Age of Uncertainty
  • [Expand] 2nd Procurement Executive Seminar on Secure the Reliability and Longevity of Your Supply Chain Through Risks Detecting, Tracing and Mitigating
  • [Expand] 4th Procurement Excellence Seminar on Reshaping the Overall Supply Chain Strategy in High Mix Low Volume Environment
  • [Expand] Automotive Industry Roundtable: Through Truly Localization and Supplier Collaboration to Drive More Cost-Down
  • [Expand] Training on "Purchasing Cost Management and Improvement"
  • [Expand] Training on Supplier’s Evaluation, Management and Continued Development
  • [Expand] Advanced Purchasing Negotiation Training
  • [Expand] Teleconference Discussion on How to Develop Strategic Partnership with Suppliers
  • [Expand] Sourcing Talent Strategy: Talent Pipeline Building and Talent Retention
  • [Expand] Supply Chain Women Leadership Forum
  • [Expand] Teleconference Discussion on Sourcing Shift: SE Asia Focus-Supply Prospect & Supplier Development
  • [Expand] D-club on Reforming KPIs to Measure Value Added and Manifest Value
  • [Expand] Advanced Negotiation Training
  • [Expand] 8th Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Excellence Summit
  • [Expand] Single Source Supplier Risk Management: Risk Avoidance, Mitigation & Problem Solving
  • [Expand] HMLV Supply Chain Management Series: Material Cost Optimization
  • [Expand] Procurement Contract Management to avoid risk—Business Practices Legal can’t offer to Procurement
  • [Expand] 5th PROCUREMENT EXCELLENCE SEMINAR on Build An Efficient Supply Chain in HMLV Environment
  • [Expand] Internal Customer Management: How to think in other’s perspective
  • [Expand] Life Time Supplier Relationship Management Training—Sourcing, selection, evaluation, development, optimization & phase out
  • [Expand] Lead Time Optimization-How to guarantee the OTD under the pressure of inventory
  • [Expand] 3rd Strategic Sourcing&Supply Chain Executive Roundtable-Reshaping An High-Efficient Supply Chain in High Mix Low Volume Environment
  • [Expand] Extend Benefits of Supplier Consolidation Beyond Cost Saving
  • [Expand] Advanced Negotiation Training—How to communicate effectively to achieve win-win results
  • [Expand] MRO purchasing optimization—How to manage demand and optimize process
  • [Expand] Assigned Supplier Management, Is it indispensable?
  • [Expand] MRO Purchasing and Management
  • [Expand] 2nd Supply Chain Women's Leadership Roundtable
  • [Expand] Purchasing Management in New Product Development
  • [Expand] How Can Purchasing Get Involved In NPD/NPI Project Effectively
  • [Expand] Advanced Negotiation Training
  • [Expand] 6th PROCUREMENT EXCELLENCE SEMINAR - Foster Organizational Alignment in the Effective Supply Chain
  • [Expand] How to drive supplier improvement to enhance long-run performance
  • [Expand] Finance for Purchasing and Supply Chain: Impact of VAT on Procurement and Supplier Cost
  • [Expand] Lead Time Optimization: Improve demand forecasting to ensure on time delivery
  • [Expand] Category Management for Effective Procurement Strategy Development
  • [Expand] Indirect Purchasing Series MRO Purchasing Optimization
  • [Expand] Demand Planning - bullwhip effect in China Market
  • [Expand] Purchasing Cost Analysis and Price Management
  • [Expand] Ethics in Procurement and Supply Management
  • [Expand] High Mix Low Volume Supplier Relationship Management
  • [Expand] ASSA: Indirect Purchasing Series: The Value Assessment of Service Purchasing
  • [Expand] ASSA: Life Time Supplier Relationship Management
  • [Expand] Skills of Procurement Bidding and Supplier Selection
  • [Expand] Advanced Negotiation Training
  • [Expand] How to strengthen the role of suppliers in the early stage of new product development
  • [Expand] 7th Procurement Excellence Seminar - Foster high mix low volume organizational alignment in the effective supply chain
  • [Expand] Procurement Cost Analysis
  • [Expand] MRO Purchasing and Management
  • [Expand] Project Procurement Cost Management in Manufacturing
  • [Expand] Service Procurement Management
  • [Expand] Supplier Prophase Investigation and Risk Management
  • [Expand] Advanced Purchasing Negotiation
  • [Expand] Procurement Outsourcing Management and the Risk Control


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