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Project Procurement Cost Management in Manufacturing    
2017-08-08, Shanghai. China

Purchasing as a source of profits acquisition is an important segment in project management. With the development of economy globalization and information technology, the effectiveness of project procurement is growing. Project procurement is not only the function of independent activities of enterprises or departments, but also synthetic management activities related to organizational strategy. In order to obtain competitive advantage, enterprises try to focus on details management to save materials, reduce wastes and decrease project procurement cost. Project procurement management can adapt to the transition of modern project management mode, and can provide support to enterprises strategy objective as well.

Project procurement management improve enterprise profits, cut down time, cut inventory, achieve JIT procurement, enhance the ability to respond to market demand, and quicken capital turnover by the actual cost savings. Business process reengineering and organizational structure reform can be achieved by effective project procurement management, and also standard product purchasing can reduce sourcing category and improve the cooperation among each department.

ASSA and S-Council has invited a senior project procurement management trainer who will explain how to enhance procurement cost control effectively through some cases, and will help participants to understand how to formulate a set of project procurement cost management system.

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As Asia’s most influential membership based learning & networking community for strategic sourcing and procurement professionals, we have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world.
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