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MRO Purchasing and Management    
2017-07-20, Shanghai. China

In Purchasing and Material Management work, there is lots of necessary maintenance, spare parts as well as office items and labor protection products need to be purchased besides those general materials and parts directly used in productions. These items have the features of highly mixed but low demanded for each category item. And more, because of the poor inventory management due to the lack of inadvanced plan, suddenly requests often drive Purchasing into a difficult situation and make the company pay huge additional costs to meet the urgent schedule.

If a MRO Purchaser doesn’t know the specific features of MRO purchases over other purchases, doesn’t know its specific purchase and supplier selection and management approaches, unable to properly schedule and improve against MRO demands, prepare necessary and proper inventories and manage the deliveries, couldn’t improve current MRO price management model, then we could forecast the urgent requests would continuously appear at the company which, will in less disturb the normal purchasing work while at worst shut down the company’s production and bring negative impact on Purchasing’ s efforts to reduce company’s MRO purchase management cost.

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Established within Noppen Group, Asia Strategic Sourcing Alliance (ASSA) is Asia’s most influential membership based learning & networking community for strategic sourcing and procurement professionals. It is created to improve the competencies and capabilities of sourcing practitioners and to advance the role of procurement from tactical to being a more integral part of how an organization delivers value to its customers and shareholders.


As Asia’s most influential membership based learning & networking community for strategic sourcing and procurement professionals, we have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world.
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